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Maintenance, repairs, safety tests at reasonable fixed costs

With Customer Support Agreements, you can mine quarries and build roads with maximum uptime, expert knowledge and enhanced productivity. You can also have an impact on infrastructure in towns, cities and countries anywhere in the world with full support from your Volvo dealer.

When you and your Volvo dealer customize an agreement that best fits your needs, you have access to a Volvo technician that is trained on and knows your machine. You will come to trust this person with the maintenance of your machine investment and with how to make the best use of your Volvo to make you the most money.

Key benefits of customer support agreements include

Dealer relationship/partnership

Customer Support Agreements strengthen the relationship between dealer and customer, allowing the dealer technician to make sure your machine is up and running its best.

Cost control

An agreed price per hour helps you plan your operations, reduce your risk and make you more competitive in bidding for contracts.

Focus on your core business

Customer Support Agreements can help you to focus on the most important part of your business with complete peace of mind.

Maximize uptime potential

The Volvo Service Program is a set of specific actions and checks that are performed by trained Volvo Service Technicians on your machine.

Four Agreements

With four Customer Support Agreements to choose from, you can pick the best package to suit your needs.
Choose between White, Blue, Silver and Gold.


CareTrack is the Volvo Construction Equipment telematics system providing essential information about your Volvo machines*. CareTrack gives you machine hours, fuel consumption, machine utilization and productivity, per day, week or month – or even per shift, helping you improve your business. You can save fuel. You can reduce costs. You can maximize your profitability.
* Available for most of the larger Volvo machines.

service blue

The Blue Customer Support Agreement offers preventive maintenance and inspections. Analysis tools and services like CareTrack, Volvo Oil Analysis and MATRIS analysis can be included to monitor your machine

service gold

Boost uptime without having to do it all yourself.
Volvo ACTIVE CARE combines 24/7 machine monitoring and
fleet utilization reports to help ensure your machines stay in
optimum condition and minimize repair costs.


Boost uptime without having to do it all yourself.
Volvo ACTIVE CARE combines 24/7 machine monitoring and
fleet utilization reports to help ensure your machines stay in
optimum condition and minimize repair costs.


The Mapping & Tracking screen allows you to keep
track of every machine in your fleet in real-time

Track Operation

The daily hours report keeps track of how many hours per day machines have worked over a
selected time period, for better planning of machine usage and fleet size. Time periods can
be freely defined using the calendar interface. If desired, you may select to have these
reports emailed automatically on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Machine utilization is a general report which shows, for any selected period:
l fuel consumption rate, l fuel quantity consumed, l percentages of time spent working and idling,
l machine hours. This information is displayed for all machines utilizing CareTrack Advanced.

Service Management

In the Service Management window is the Alarms sheet, which shows all the alarms that have
appeared for the machines selected. If you see a new alarm alert at the foot of your window,
this is where you find more details. This window shows l the same alarms that the operator will see in
the machine cab, l alarms generated by the website (for an upcoming service, for example),
l Geofence and Timefence alarms. The date shown is the last time the alarm was


CareTrack Anti‐Theft is a Volvo Construction Equipment Anti‐Theft solution that allows immobilization of Volvo CE
machines as a consequence of a violated condition such as:

  • A trespassed geofence,
  • A broken timefence,
  • Machine movement when the ignition is off.
  • No GSM or Satellite connection. (certain markets only)
  • Or by tampering with the electronic systems.

It is also possible for customers to immobilize the machine manually from the CareTrack portal (certain market
The violations set triggers that are displayed in the CareTrack portal.

With Anti‐Theft, the user can view and manage various Anti‐Theft alarms associated with machines. This includes
the ability to safely enable and disable the use of the machine. Anti‐Theft will only work in countries where
CareTrack is launch and in selected markets.


The Volvo EcoOperator training is an advanced course
for those who are already operators. Its purpose is to
refi ne operators’ skills, knowledge and awareness of how to operate more economically and ecologically.

Software Updates

Software update during every 1000 hours maintenance or at least once every year as per Service Programme document

Machine Inspection

With Volvo Care Inspection you get a thorough examination of the machine. With Volvo Care Inspection you get professional service, a diagnosis of the machine’s status and suggestions for actions preventing downtime and keeping your machine in best shape. Contact your local Volvo dealer today and book an inspection on one or more machines.

Preventive Maintenace – Service Parts Kits

Everything you need in one delivery. No extras, nothing missing, no hunting around for bits. Care Kits make the sourcing of repair and maintenance parts simple.

Everything you need for the job.
No missing parts.
All parts used in Care Kits are Genuine Volvo Parts.
Saves time and money – much easier and less expensive than ordering the individual parts.

Preventive Maintenace – Service Labour

A Service Programme is a summary of all maintenance intervals
for a specific range of models and it is to be used as a check list
during maintenance inspections.

Trouble shootings – diagnostic

Oil Analysis

Give your machine a health check-up.
To help you plan your component changes before problems
occur, Oil Analysis provides vital information on water/coolant,
viscosity, dirt, and quantity of metal particles in the oil, to avoid
expensive damage and downtime.

Repairs – Parts & Labour

Avoid unexpected costs.
Volvo offers Repair agreements with different levels of coverage,
depending on your specific needs. With a fixed-price Repair
agreement, you will be able to avoid unexpected costs, allowing
you to achieve better financial planning and control. A combined
Preventive Maintenance and Repair agreement is the ideal solution
for machine owners with high expectations of machine uptime.

Undercarriage Inspections

Maximize undercarriage lifetime.
The Undercarriage Inspections program has been designed to
help optimize undercarriage lifetime. Combining smart inspection
tools and the expertise of your local Volvo dealer, the result is a
tailored service offering prevention, maintenance and support.

Insight Reports

Insight Reports are a portfolio of machine reports designed to help customers take proactive action and improve the performance and profitability of their operation. Powered by CareTrack, there are three main types of Insight Report which give an easy-to-digest overview of machine performance:

  1. Summary Report
  2. Fuel Efficiency Report
  3. Productivity Report

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